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Pet Travel - Private Jet

There are many ways to travel with a pet: by ground, by commercial airline, by cruise ship or by chartering your own private pet friendy jet.

Although it is expensive, private jet charter is an amazing experience for both you and your pet. For larger pets, it means not having to travel in the cargo hold. For snub-nosed pets that cannot fly in the cabin of a commercial airline, it means being able to eliminate risks associated with cargo travel. For summer travelers, it means that temperatures do not matter as your pet will fly in air-conditioned comfort next to you for the entire trip.

Sample Prices for Chartering a Private Jet


Routing (One Way) Group Size Suggested Aircraft Prices Start At
New York - Los Angeles Group of 6-10 + pets Supermid or Heavy Jet $35,000USD each way
Miami to NY City Group of 4-6 + pets Light Jet $12,000 - $15,000USD each way
Houston to Costa Rica Group of 4-6 + pets Midsize Jet $26,000- $32,000USD each direction
New York to London Group of 1-14 + pets Heavy Jet $90,000 - $130,000USD each direction
Atlanta, GA to Italy Group of 1-14 + pets Heavy Jet $120,000USD each direction

We have partnered with Air Charter Advisors, a Wyvern* Broker, to assist with your flight, and they are happy to offer very competitive rates while still making the safety of you and your pet a top priority. Below are a few example routes, and, if they fit your budget – fill in a few details to request a free quote.

*Wyvern is a globally recognized seal of aviation safety and only the top 2% of air charter companies in the world belong to this elite group.

Although private charters can be pricey, they provide assurance that your pet is comfortable and well cared for. Private aircraft can also provide for pets who may need special attention or medication during the flight. The limits that commercial airlines impose on pet owners will not apply when chartering a private jet. Aircraft will be selected according to the number of passengers and the number of pets that need transport.

You cut costs by being very flexible in your travel plans and fly a "return leg" of a charter. Also, flying with a group can make the ticket more reasonable. Consider a prop aircraft instead of a jet. It takes a little longer and maybe is not quite as grand, but it costs a lot less.

It is very important to be very specific with the policies of the charter service when transporting your pet. Last minute surprises are not what you need when traveling with a pet. We would recommend Air Charter Advisors as they are a worldwide company that has many pet friendly jets available for you and your pet to travel worldwide.