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Pet Travel - Private Plane

There are many reasons why a pet owner would consider a private jet for traveling with their pet.

SIZE - In today's world of shrinking airline seats, it is getting more and more difficult to take your pet in the cabin of the aircraft. If your best friend is over 15-18 pounds or more than 10-12 inches tall, then it will probably have to fly in the cargo hold (depending on the airline). This section of cargo is pressurized and temperature controlled to be nearly the same as in the cabin, you my be concerned about putting your pet in the cargo hold of a commercial airline.

NUMBER OF PETS TRAVELING WITH YOU -  all airlines have limits as to the number of pets in the cabin of the aircraft. Most airlines limit you to one pet per passenger. If you have multiple pets or the pets are traveling unaccompanied, they will need to travel as checked baggage or air cargo.

BREED - many airlines will not accept snub nose breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs, or Shih-Tzus in the cargo hold as they may develop breathing problems at high altitudes.

SUMMER HEAT EMBARGO - during the summer when temperature exceeds 84 degrees on the runway, most airlines will not accept a pet as checked baggage or air cargo. During the colder months, many airlines require an Acclimation Certificate signed by your veterinarian certifying that your pet can adjust to colder temperatures.

IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS - many countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Australia and some countries in Africa will only accept pets as manifested cargo and not in the cabin.

LENGTH OF FLIGHT - During long flights, owners may want to ensure that their pet is hydrated and comfortable. Flying on a private charter will allow the owner to give them that extra attention.

Although private charters can be pricey, they provide assurance that your pet is comfortable and well cared for. Private aircraft can also provide for pets who may need special attention or medication during the flight. You cut costs by being very flexible in your travel plans and fly a "return leg" of a charter. Also, flying with a group can make the ticket more reasonable. Consider a prop aircraft instead of a jet. It takes a little longer and maybe is not quite as grand, but it costs a lot less.

Review the charter company's operating certificate, safety record, and insurance policies. Be sure to ask for references. When you get them, be sure and call to ask about the experience the traveler had with the company. Was their adequate space for their pet? Was the flight on time? Was the crew helpful and friendly? What are their methods to safeguard your pet?

It is very important to be very specific with the policies of the charter service when transporting your pet. Last minute surprises are not what you need when traveling with a pet.

We would recommend PriorityOne Jet Charters as they are a worldwide company that has many pet friendly jets available for you and your pet to travel worldwide.