Questions about International Dog and Cat Transport

Preparation is the key for traveling with a pet. A spur of the moment decision to bring your pet with you is not wise, especially if you are traveling internationally or your pet has not previously in an aircraft or car.

What is the first step in preparing my pet for travel?

Choose the right equipment for your pet. We use only IATA compliant pet crates that are sized properly for your pet. If your pet is traveling internationally, it will need specific permits and health certificates which we will have completed or assist your vet with completing. A vet visit for a health checkup and a pet microchip is essential and we can help you with that as our pet microchips are ISO 11784/11785 compliant and accepted in all countries worldwide. A microchip will give anyone who finds your pet the ability to contact you should you become separated. It is so important when traveling with a pet.

Should my pet travel by air or by ground?

It depends on how far you are traveling. Auto travel with a pet for short distances is fine and also necessary for certain snub-nosed breeds as well as summer travel from some cities. However, most of the time, air travel is preferred because it is much quicker and safer. It is also necessary if you are traveling over a body of water as there are very few options for pet friendly ships.

What are the conditions for a pet traveling in the cargo hold of an airplane?

The cargo department is temperature controlled and pressurized just like the cabin of the aircraft.

What will my pet do when traveling in the cargo hold?

Most oftentimes, the rhythm of the engines will put your pet to sleep when in the air.

Is it safe to sedate my pet when flying?

Pets should not be sedated prior to traveling in the cargo hold unless under the direction of your veterinarian. If your pet is nervous or hyper, we would suggest an all natural pet calmer.

What about shipping other types of animals?

All types of animals are shipped internationally every day. Depending on your pet, there may be special shipping requirements. Contact us, and we can tell you what is required.

Are there advance preparations involved?

Many countries require that your pet have tests well in advance of entering the country. We will be discussing this with you at the beginning of the process to ensure that all requirements are met.

First Step:

Call us at 954-566-7391. Every case is different, so give us a call and talk to us about your pet’s travel arrangements. Or if you’d just like a free, no obligation quote for our services, please click here for a free quote and we will respond promptly.

How much will transporting my pet cost?

Our prices for international pet shipping are very reasonable, and we work hard to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your pet. We also encourage our clients to participate in the process, thus saving additional costs.

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