Pet transport within the United States

When you need to relocate your pets due to a relocation, move or vacation, you'll need someone you can trust to ensure this important member of your family makes it to their destination safely and comfortably.

We are a family-owned business and can provide individual attention to each transport. We love what we do and our reviews reflect that.

We can provide both ground and air services within the United States. Whether you decide on ground or air transport will depend on many factors - personality of your pet, the route involved, scheduling, your pet's breed, and temperatures are just a few considerations.

Ground Transport

We offer several different types of ground transports within the lower 48 states.

Private Transport: Just your pet(s) and the driver(s) travel. This is the most popular for relocations and large pets or pets traveling long distances. You set pick up date. We may be able to expedite the transport depending on weather and road conditions.

Semi-Private Transport: At most 4 pets travel together, in individual crates. Less route deviations. Pick up should be a bit flexible. Please note: 2 pets per family. Please contact 941-374-2610 for families of 3 or more.

Group Transport: At most 5-7 pets. More economical but transport may be a bit longer. Requires flexible pickup dates. There may be a few stops along the way.

  • A full-time Ground Transport Coordinator will schedule, monitor and oversee all transports. Available 7 days a week.
  • Driver conference to introduce your driver(s) to you prior to pick up to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Equipment provision - we can provide all crates, fresh spring water, leads, and especially love.
  • All dogs are walked every four hours with texts, pictures and updates provided to you throughout the journey.
  • Feeding as instructed by you with your pet's food and treats.
  • Designated pick up times for private transports

Our drivers are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, fully insured, and experienced with handling pets. We provide clean, updated, and newer vehicles, whether it be a SUV for smaller or private transports or a larger transit van when transporting multiple pets. Our vehicles are serviced regularly. We do not use cargo vans.

We have provisions for puppies, kittens, special needs pets and disabled pets.

We also provide for auto transport. Contact us for additional details.

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Air Transport

  • Route Planning - We will find the best route for your pet, keeping them on the most direct route possible that can accommodate your pet's needs.
  • Vet Visit - We can arrange a visit to a licensed and accredited veterinarian shortly before the travel date to obtain required travel forms.
  • Equipment provision - We can provide IATA compliant pet crates, hardware, pads, water bottles, microchips, and all other equipment necessary for your pet's trip.
  • Documentation - We will obtain and complete all necessary paperwork required by the airline prior to your pet's travel date.
  • Kenneling - We can arrange for any kenneling necessary to accommodate your pet's flight schedule, whether in the originating city, layover city or destination city.
  • Check-In, Pickup & Drop Off - We can provide for pickup, delivery and check-in of your pet at the airline as well as pick up and delivery of your pet at its destination.

Common Questions about Pet Transport in the United States

How do I get a free, no obligation quote for my pet's transport?

Just fill out our simple free quote form with a few details about yourself and your pet's travels.

What if I'd like you to travel with my small dog or cat in the airline cabin?

If you want us to accompany your small dog or cat in the airline cabin, we can certainly provide this service for you. Indicate that on our free quote form.

If flying, will my big dog be comfortable in the cargo hold?

For unaccompanied pets, travel will be in the pressurized and temperature controlled cargo hold of the plane. If we pick your pet up and handle the check-in for you, we make sure that they've got everything they need for the flight, and are walked and well attended to prior to boarding the plane. Additionally, we track them along their way to be sure they are not delayed.

What about shipping other types of animals by ground or air?

All types of animals are shipped all over the country every day. By ground, we can transport dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, birds, ferrets, hamsters, and sugar gliders.

If transported by air, there may be special shipping requirements. We are equipped to modify or construct cargo crates to meet airline requirements. Contact us and we can tell you what is required.

First Step:

Get a free transport quote for your pet. We respond to all quote requests within 24 hours.

For ground relocations, you can contact our Ground Transport Coordinator, Gabbi Garabedian, at 941-374-2610 for questions, concerns or a free quote.

For air transport, talk to Campbell, one of our Pet Travel Consultant experts at 954-566-7391.

Every transport is different, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We will respond promptly.

Our prices for pet transport within the United States are reasonable and competitive, and we work very hard to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your pet.

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Check out what our clients have to say about us: Google reviews for Pet Travel Transport