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Ground Transport for Your Pet

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Why transport your pet by ground?


  • Less traumatic than flying in the cargo hold
  • Non-stressful, safe and comfortable travel for your pet
  • Door to door service within the continental United States
  • Service can be provided quickly
  • Kennel pickup or drop off accepted
  • Snub-nosed and large dogs accepted
  • Other domesticated animals are accepted
  • Private, semi-private or shared transports
  • Constant communication with drivers
  • Every pet is crated for safety and protection
  • Special care for puppies and kittens


Why choose Pet Travel Transport?


  • We can provide service on select routes in Florida and we also contract with highly rated ground transporters so we can provide you with the best service available for your route at the best price.
  • Because our transporters are constantly moving throughout the United States, we can provide fast service (generally within a week), even to rural areas.
  • We can transport all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, birds and exotics. No breed restrictions.
  • We use smaller vehicles which provide a better ride for your pet and exposure to fewer other pets. All of our vehicles are heated, air-conditioned and fully equipped to transport pets driven by experienced operators who are trained to handle live animals, licensed by the USDA and insured. All vehicles are GPS monitored.
  • We can provide both shared, semi-private and private transports for your pet.
  • We have a full time ground transport coordinator dedicated to organizing and coordinating your pet's trip.
  • Our passengers are walked or attended to every 4 hours or according to owner's instructions. Owners are notified of the progress of the transport at that time. Pictures will be texted whenever possible.
  • We transport puppies and kittens older than 8 weeks of age with "no paws on ground" procedures.
  • We transport rescue dogs and cats from shelters as long as they have current health certificates.
  • Kennels, water, bowls, leashes and other basics will be provided by our transporter. If your pet has a crate or carrier that needs to be transported as well, just provide us notification beforehand so we can reserve a place in the vehicle for the crate or carrier.

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See what our clients are saying...


The transport was perfect! Tons of updates and pictures...we really appreciated that! Thank you!!

Everything went well with the transport of our cats. We were kept up to date and were sent pictures as well. Thank you!

Maple made it fine, and I would recommend you and use you again.

Your transporters were amazing. They sent pictures and updates every step of the way, including how the pets were doing with the transport and other animals. They worked with our schedule for drop-off and were just overall great! I can't say enough good things about them! I couldn't have picked a better group to trust with my pets.

Ruth and Trent drove him and they were wonderful! Trip was easy, seamless. And they were awesome with him. Thank you for not giving up on us and the scheduling despite the storms and time change!

My kitties here are safe and sound. Thank you for helping to coordinate their trip. I'd like to extend a compliment for Cameron's services. He was very communicative and offered great tips about how to give the kitties their meds. They were very thirsty when they arrived, but it may have been that they weren't comfortable drinking in the van (or eating much). Anyway overall, I am very satisfied with them making good time despite the weather and they seem to be doing well and settling in. Thanks again!

Andrea and her husband were great! I would never have gotten the puppies home without them. They worked with me and were very understanding. I can't say enough good things about them. Thank you. I will call you when I need help with the puppies again for a long trip.

My two sweet kittens have arrived safe and sound, and I cannot thank you enough for your service! I truly appreciate what you all do, and I am so grateful for your help in getting them moved. Thank you again for what you do!

I was very satisfied. The drivers were great individuals. I appreciate you and them making this less painful and easier than I would have imagined.

Could not have transported my dog without your help! Very happy with your service.

Duke arrived in Montana safe and sound a few hours a go. Shaun and his people took wonderful care of us. I am so thankful for all their hard work and dedication, it took so much stress out of our lives with this move. I also want to thank you for getting it all set up.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help with Koko's travel. She arrived last night safely and we've been playing since! She's finally sleeping after her long week of travel and play time. Thank you so much!

Everything went very well! I really like the service you provided. I also introduced your relocation service to my friend based on my good experiences. Thank you again for helping me.

Pet Travel Transport assisted me in getting a Brittany from Georgia delivered to me in Arizona. Susan was excellent to work with, always quick to respond to my inquiries. They did everything they promised for a very reasonable price. I will not hesitate to use them again. I strongly recommend them to anyone needing a pet transported.

Sue was fantastic to work with to get our pup to us on short notice and at a fair price. We really appreciate it. I highly recommend Pet Travel Transport.

Our transporter was great!!! We loved her! She took great care of our puppy, sent photos and was super nice. Thank you.

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Some of our happy passengers


Max ground transport    Zeus ground transport
Sage ground transport    Zeus ground transport
Frenchie puppy ground transport    Mollie ground transport
Athena ground transport    KeKe ground transport
Dino ground transport    Mollie ground transport
Hawk and Bertie ground transport    sweet Frenchie ground transport
husky ground transport    Bernese Mountain Dog puppy ground transport
blonde lab ground transport    darling Malti ground transport
Brittany Spaniel ground transport    Two sisters ground transport
Puppy ground transport    Dachshund ground transport
Glo ground transport    German Shepherd ground transport
Sweet mix breed ground transport    Kyomi puppy ground transport