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About Pet Travel Transport

Corporate Structure

Pet Travel Transport Offices Pet Travel Transport is a Limited Liability Corporation located in and registered with the State of Florida. Our sister company, Pet Travel, Inc. has been in the business of assisting traveling pet owners since 2000. Shortly after we started our business, we quickly moved from helping people find pet friendly hotels to helping them with moving their pet around the world. Now we can transport your pet to you when you cannot travel with it. We are familiar with pet import requirements for most countries worldwide, and provide for trips to the vet for pretravel checkups and vaccinations, kenneling, USDA endorsement, book transport on the most effecient route for your pet as well as pickup, check-in and delivery at most airports in Florida.

What we do

Today, we answer over 100 emails, phone calls, and blog posts a day from people all over the world looking to either travel with their pet or ship their pet from one country to another., our sister company, has been recommended by the US Military, major airlines, and many embassies worldwide.


We also have experience in pet handling and are USDA licensed to ship pets. We are also an Intermediate Air Carrier (IAC), meeting the requirements under current TSA regulations.

How can we help you?

Allow us to help you with your precious cargo. There is nothing more important to us than getting your pet to its new destination safely. We can arrange for all pre-travel requirements, pick up your pet and deliver to the airport, customs clear your pet and deliver it to your door. We also offer ground transport throughout the eastern United States and can try to help you nationwide.

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