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Pet Travel Transport is a member of IPATA - International Pet Transporters Association   Pet Travel Transport is USDA Class A Animal Handler

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Pet Travel, Inc. has been a pet travel specialist since 1998. Whether you will be traveling with your pets or not, we will do our best to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your pet.

Registered Pet Handler, US Department of Agriculture. All procedures meet or exceed USDA Animal Welfare Specifications.

Shipping Your Pet Internationally

When you’re not able to travel with your pet on a move or vacation outside your country, you’ll need someone you can trust to take good care of this important member of your family.

Relocating your pet from one country to another involves paperwork, transportation, proper identification, and pickup and delivery. Above all, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable during their trip, and that everything from check-in to clearing customs is smooth and uneventful.

Here are some of the services we can provide for you when shipping your pet internationally:

  • Plan Your Pet's Route - We will find the best route for your pet, keeping them on the most direct route possible that can accommodate your pet's needs.
  • Visit to the Vet - We can provide for a visit to a licensed and accredited veterinarian shortly before the travel date to obtain required travel forms and tests.
  • Provide All Equipment Necessary - We can provide IATA compliant pet crates, hardware, pads, water bottles, microchips, and all equipment necessary for your pet to travel internationally.
  • Complete Paperwork - We will obtain and complete all necessary paperwork required by the airline and the destination country prior to your pet’s travel date, including USDA endorsement.
  • Schedule Kenneling - We can arrange for any kenneling necessary to accommodate your pet's flight schedule, whether in the originating city, layover city or destination city.
  • Check-In, Pickup & Drop Off - We can provide for pickup, delivery and check-in of your pet at the airline as well as pickup, customs clearance and delivery of your pet at its destination.

What if I’d like you to travel with my small dog or cat in the airline cabin?
If you want your small dog or cat to travel in the airline cabin, we can arrange for a certified pet transporter to fly with your pet and deliver them directly to your new home, or, depending on your pet's route, we can provide this service for you.

Will my big dog be comfortable?
For unaccompanied pets, travel will be in the pressurized and temperature controlled cargo cabin of the plane. If we pick your pet up and handle the check-in for you, we make sure that they’ve got everything they need for the flight, and are walked and well attended to prior to boarding the plane. Additionally, we track them along their way to be sure they are not delayed.

What about shipping other types of animals?
All types of animals are shipped internationally every day. Depending on your pet, there may be special shipping requirements. Contact us, and we can tell you what is required.

Are there advance preparations involved?
Many countries require that your pet have tests well in advance of entering the country. We will be discussing this with you at the beginning of the process to ensure that all requirements are met.

First Step: Call us toll-free at 877-540-6743 or 954-566-7300. Every case is different, so give us a call and talk to us about your pet’s travel arrangements. Or if you’d just like a free, no obligation quote for our services, please complete a pet transport quote form and we will respond promptly. Our prices for international pet shipping are very reasonable, and we work hard to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your pet.

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