Pet Travel by Ship

Looking for a ship for your pets? The only commercial ship that travels to Europe from the continental United States is the Queen Mary 2. As this type of travel is in much demand, reservations are normally made over a year in advance.

Your pet will travel in a kennel supervised by a full time pet attendant. You can visit your pet frequently and take them to the exercise area adjacent to the kennels. These are the only areas the pets are allowed on the ship.

Cunard's "Pets on Deck" program, including adding a range of pet-friendly services and amenities such as fresh-baked biscuits at turn-down; a choice of beds and blankets; and even a QM2-logoed coat. As part of the enhanced program, traveling dogs and cats also receive a complimentary gift pack featuring a QM2-logoed coat, Frisbee, name tag, food dish and scoop; a complimentary portrait with pet owners; a crossing certificate and personalized cruise card.

Pets entering the UK must comply with the rules of the Pet Scheme. If you are traveling on to Le Havre then different rules apply. Please note that animals cannot travel unaccompanied. Find details about the Pet Travel Scheme.

More information on traveling with a pet on the Queen Mary 2.

There are lots of ferries that travel to and from Spain, France, and England that are pet friendly as well. We have more details on these ferries that accept pets.

Another option would be to arrange for a private boat charter. Although these are more expensive methods of traveling with a pet, they provide the least amount of stress for both you and your pet. Remember that any pet must comply with a country's entry regulations as soon as the pet is off the boat.